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Dark Magician Girl
 Monster Card  Dark Dark, Level 6 , Spellcaster/ Effect , ATK 2000 / DEF 1700
Increase the ATK of this monster by 300 points for each "Dark Magician" or "Magician of Black Chaos" in either player's Graveyard.
Secret Rare

People Running About
 Monster Card  Fire Fire, Level 2 , Pyro, ATK 600 / DEF 600
Although they always suffer in silence, they swear an oath to inevitably revolt.

Oppressed People
 Monster Card  Water Water, Level 1 , Aqua, ATK 400 / DEF 2000
They are oppressed, but believe they will have their freedom someday.

United Resistance
 Monster Card  Wind Wind, Level 3 , Thunder, ATK 1000 / DEF 400
The people that gather to swear to fight their oppressors. A revolution is coming.

X-Head Cannon
 Monster Card  Light Light, Level 4 , Machine, ATK 1800 / DEF 1500
A monster with a mighty cannon barrel, it is able to integrate its attacks. It attacks in many ways by combining and separating with other monsters.
Super Rare

Y-Dragon Head
 Monster Card  Light Light, Level 4 , Machine/ Union , ATK 1500 / DEF 1600
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to your "X-Head Cannon" as an Equip Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a monster by this card's effect, increase the ATK/DEF of the equipped monster by 400 points. (1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time. If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead.)
Super Rare

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