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Magical Arm Shield
 Trap Card 
You can only activate this card when your opponent declares an attack while there is a monster on your side of the field. Take control of 1 of your opponent's face-up monsters, except the attacking monster, and this monster is attacked instead. At the end of the Battle Phase, return control of this monster to your opponent.
Ultra Rare

Harpie's Feather Duster
 Spell Card 
Destroy all of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards on the field.
Super Rare

Slate Warrior
 Monster Card  Wind Wind, Level 4 , Fiend/ Effect , ATK 1900 / DEF 400
FLIP: Increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 500 points. The ATK and DEF of a monster that destroys this card as a result of battle is decreased by 500 points.
Super Rare

Dunames Dark Witch
 Monster Card  Light Light, Level 4 , Fairy, ATK 1800 / DEF 1050
Even when all odds are against this brave fairy, she will press onwards in battle and never retreat.
Super Rare

Garma Sword
 Monster Card  Light Light, Level 7 , Warrior/ Ritual , ATK 2550 / DEF 2150
This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, "Garma Sword Oath". You must also Tribute monsters whose total Levels equal 7 or more from the field or your hand.
Super Rare

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
 Monster Card  Light Light, Level 5 , Thunder/ Effect , ATK 2400 / DEF 1000
When this card is Tribute Summoned, destroy 1 monster on the field.

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